Wednesday, 12 October 2011

First New Cymbeline Dress - Fatima has arrived

Cymbeline amuse me. This dress is exquisite, light as a feather, channels key trends like spots, lace, non-strapless and layers. Therefore I am sure there are undoubtedly Gallic and passionate reasons why Cymbeline have made they the bodice so sheer one can see skin through it. Stunning with a waif like frame - it's suggestive not rude.

They have also called it Fatima which undoubtedly sounds better in a French accent...

One person who certainly could wear it is the lovely Bea from EFC Photography. Bea was the first person to try it yesterday and as bonefide bride-to-be she looked stunning.  Bea could work it simply with it's waist slip and a nude bra. I have a feeling we will making a lining for the dress or bodice - luckily I have the full back up of the Bush Chapel housing my seamstresses extraordinaire!

Don't be afraid brides-to-be, the dress is a hit - I just need not be cowardly. I'll just tell the seamstresses they'll be re-lining every one...
Me - in the 'talking to the seamstresses' outfit.

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