Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fetcham Park, Banksy, Leia, Suzanne Neville and Geri Halliwell

Hands up who wants to look inside Fetcham Park?

Here are some sneaky peeks of the amazing staircase painted by the renowned artist Laguerre whose work graces Blenheim and Chatsworth. Indeed the Banksy of walls and ceilings of  his day! The Wedding Reporter can furnish you with the inside facts but we all know that classical art is simply bursting at the seams with political and sexual contraversy.

Leia walked into my shop, an engaged friend of my beloved ex-nanny Kirsty. I was blown away - she was simply perfect. Beautiful, flawless and a perfect size. I basically strong armed her into modelling in return for a staff discount on her wedding dress and then promptly got her roped in to the original Fetcham Park shoot. I am annoyed with myself for not blogging these photos immediately as the very next week Geri Halliwell borrowed this very dress to wear. In my opinion the lovely Leia rocked the frock better.

Geri Halliwell...

Leia looking amazing at @mrscaudery's house


Dress Suzanne Neville at
Headdress Polly Edwards 'Black Neroli' at

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