Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rosa Clara Ronna Sample for sale

Sold to a very good home - pictures hopefully to be featured!
So devoted am I to Rosa Clara that I did not go through the roof when they told  me there was no more fabric for this dress. I failed to pick up this subliminal message and hence didn't know that I would have to discontinue the sample. Silly me obviously my sixth sense fails to function in Spanish.

No matter. The lovely upside to this is that I have this sample to sell. A decent 12 in a beautifully creamy silk brocade it would make a great and exclusive look for any wants to rock some Spanish couture with a whiff of retro

This dress was £2575 to order. Now offered at £1000 including specialist cleaning and alterations or for a steal £575 as a take away price. In amazing condition too. Now sold and gone to a very good home!

Call 01483 222815 or email if you love it.

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