Monday, 31 October 2011

Fetcham Sirens The Day After

I can barely formulate a thought today.
A sentance is going to be a push.
A Blog post would be a labour of Hercules.I have so much to say without the wit to formulate it. So to be really lazy I am going to post a transcript of my fashion show introduction and sneak peek one of Eddie Judd's stunning runway shots!

It was immense...
Intro speech - without the ad  libs - which I think were numerous....

Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention for a moment, I’d like to explain why the old lady of bridalwear, Miss Bush, is taking part in this fabulous event.

Personally, I blame Ryan Giggs. If it were not for his super injunction I would never have dusted off my dormant Twitter account to see that he was, indeed, the unnamed footballer at the centre of the furore.

In short – the path from that moment to this is a short 5 months. I went on to source makes up artists and photographers ssing the medium of Twitter to collaborate on a Miss Bush Launch. It worked so well I had to set up a new blog to share the amazing images. From there I somehow got embroiled in a photo shoot at a new wedding venue which some woman called Caudery kept pestering me about. No sooner had we got that one in the can than we started planning today’s launch.

With regards to social media I am still like a clumsy toddler with a fist full of crayons – my blog is littered with typos and there is absolutely no discernable technical skill. I display work and stats that most pros would discard with a na├»ve pride.

What there is, however, is a platform for opinions and I have plenty of those –  in the Punk spirit I can publish and be damned. I can also seek out like-minded talented individuals to create working relationships with.

So now that I’ve found new friends in the playground, what can I bring to the party? I can throw my wardrobes and collections open to stylists and photographers and they can reinterpret bridalwear for a new age. I, and shops like ours, can bring expertise and technical skills – a critical eye, and very often a budget, to collaborative projects.

On behalf of Tigerlily Weddings, Leo Bancroft and Miss Bush Bridalwear I would like to introduce the Sirens Collection at Fetcham with a special thank you to Suzanne Neville for her tireless hard work on our behalf.

When I was tweeting the ‘actual’ Suzanne Neville the other morning at 7am and it was really ‘her’ in the studio making a dress for Tulisa I had a bit of a starry moment. When Tony Hampton, the world’s most glam courier, delivered our bespoke special dress for the show I almost cried it was so beautiful.

So what you see this afternoon is the coming together of Couturier, Retailer, Stylist, Blogger, and Venue in a collaborative artistic process. It has made me ‘join in’. I have jumped off Bush Island, which is not easy, as I like The Bush being an island nation with me as the potty dictator. I am as diplomatic as a sledgehammer – but I too could not resist the Sirens Call.

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