Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Suzanne Neville Wonderland - Sample for Sale

I completely fell in love with this dress when I saw it - as you would a fearfully expensive, showstopper of a dress. As I find no occasion to wear it myself - I must part with the sample! (Note to self - start diet before ordering samples that you secretly crave...)

It is fragile and technically complex dress so this is a sample that I would recommend was bought through Miss Bush as we can offer a highly skilled cleaning and fitting service.

At half price it is still not a bargain! £3995 reduced to £2000 - but this includes cleaning and alterations. It is fantastic for a seriously limited Suzanne Neville dress. It  is labelled 12 but work on this being more High St 8/10.

Fancy being Alice in Suzanne Neville's 'Wonderland' phone 01483 222815 or email

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