Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Clare Ridd nee Banner - Polished, Poised, Perfect...

If, like me, you open a yogurt pot towards you leaving a faint vapour trail of Black Cherry day long on your top or,when scrutinising a tiny hole in your 60 Deniers think, - "yeah - no one will notice" then I suggest you look away now.

Once you have had a look at these images you may realise that you are destined to be a lifelong scruff-bag and however hard you scrub up and put your shoulders back you will never, I repeat never, look like Clare. However, when I finished berating my Mother for a duff DNA hand in the card game of life, I felt that such poise should be published because Clare is not a Kennedy or a Grace Kelly but a beautiful, real life, lovely girl that just happens to look devastatingly gorgeous.

The dress, 'fact fans' and 'dress geeks,' is Summer by Maggie Sottero. Again let me evangelise about the fact that this dress demonstrates that style and panache comes from the individual not the label. (Sorry designers!!!)

Spillers, trippers, stumblers, shamblers - I'm sorry -  but have a look at Mrs Ridd!
How boudoir glam is this...sigh

I want to be able to sit  gracefuly and look wistful

Is this not one of the absolutely most magazine-worthy MOB you have ever seen

I love the colour pop of blue as a contrast to the peach

This is so lovely...

View from The Minstrel's gallery at Losely

Mellow stone and brick - very English, very stately

Getting better at blogging - remembered to put the tables, flowers...

and cake!

Losely Barn at night

Photography - Sasha at PR Photography London
Venue - Losely Park, Guildford
Dress - Miss Bush Bridalwear

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  1. Wow, gorgeous dress and a simply stunning bride. Beautiful wedding superbly captured.


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