Saturday, 27 August 2011

First Miss Bush editorial shoot in eight hours...

Luckily I have a team of wonderful women working with me that will make it fun. As we open Laura's Dad's Cristal and deconstruct the day - good or bad - I will know I have been working and collaborating with a tremendous group of bright, articulate and stylish women that are a credit to their craft and their gender.

I also now realise that I do not work at the coal face of Bridal as I once thought. I am niche, a specialist, a contributor - a geek if you will. I actually have only just realised that, relative to photographers, stylists and beautifiers, I get to hang out in my own shop, in my own comfort zone, every day and every weekend.

I can hear it raining, I don't know if I have picked the right dresses, I haven't confirmed hair style #1, I have added an extra model, a web luminary and a lingerie shoot. I think I may have overreached myself.

I look forward to sharing the results. I hope and expect them to be gorgeous as I have the ingredients  weighed out, popped in freezer bags and Tupperware and packed in a cake tin ready to go. All I need now is the elusive formula for the combination of science & magic, love & good fortune and style with substance.

Fingers crossed eh?

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