Thursday, 11 August 2011

Miss Bush Boutique Launch Part 1 - A Twitter Triumph

I have been, rather relentlessly, mentioning on on my blog about just  long I have worked in bridalwear. I don't know if I'm subconsciously seeking a lifetime achievement award. Except I have a lot left to achieve. Today it ought to be a tidy house and empty washing baskets. Tomorrow back to the coal face of weddings.

Miss Bush has had a website since websites were in their infancy and latterly it has looked quite striking.  I have a personal Facebook account, primarily, to check up on my teenage kids. Why they add you then question how you know everything they're up to always amuses me. Like' Fraping' them. Nobody call social services -  this is merely changing their status as a lesson in ecology - turn the PCs off when you go out!

However it has only recently that I have played an active part, in what  I have come to learn, is a vibrant, intelligent and talented online community of wedding professionals. I have joined the dots prefessionally between Facebook, Twitter and Blogging

Miss Bush had - still has  - reached a crossroads. The business had really outgrown it's premises and my seamstresses were working in what can only be described as cramped conditions. Luckily we never had a documentary film crew in! There was no further possibility in any growth as there was simply no more room for a single extra dress. In December, my indomitable mother, who really never lets a fact escape her about  Ripley village, occupants or their business, found that the old Methodist Chapel across from the shop was available! Forward wind to July 1st and Miss Bush is totally transformed.

In the shop there are new, more private, changing areas, two first floor fitting rooms doubling our capacity on a Saturday to fit bride's own dresses and a fabulous new 1st floor retail space created by knocking through the workroom, storeroom and kitchen. The Chapel has now become Miss Bush II. A spacious mezzanine houses Amy, Corinne and my office and admin area where we continue to wreak havoc on our suppliers and battle the daily deluge of emails! The beautiful chapel complete with stained glass windows has become a bright and spacious workroom with big cutting tables, ample storage and possibility for growth.

To celebrate, publicise and kick off the new bridesmaids and vintage boutique I organised a party! I jumped head first, without any armbands, into the sea of Twitter and surfaced with treasure. Excuse the sea metaphor - it is about to be extended! I keep trying to explain to those unfamiliar with Twitter and Bloggers that it feels like looking underwater without goggles to start with then when you 'get it' it's like being given a full sub aqua kit. All the brilliant people, extraordinary ideas and marvellous images become focused.

It is an extraordinary resource - I put out a couple of posts asking for interested people, photographers in particular, to come forward and get involved and was overwhelmed with the response. Through this I have found EFC photography, Carolanne Armstrong, Bloomingayles and Cherished Vintage. I may add there are dozens more yet to be worked with who were unavailable or I simply haven't had time to get to yet!

Here are the lovely images from the night from Bea and Jude from EFC.

 Retailers that don't do bridesmaids - you can now send them our way. Brides - we do bridesmaids dresses. Vintage wholesalers - we have space!

Vintage China by A Cup of Vintage

Cupcakes by Bluebell Cupcakes

Getting ready - I'm dressing my daughter Georgia

Adjusting a Rachel Trevor Morgan hat - milliner to The Queen

Cherished Vintage got in touch through a Tweet - now have they're own dedicated dispay cabinet.

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