Monday, 29 August 2011

The Fetcham Park Shoot - The Day After

For the record I am still exhausted from a Bank Holiday Sunday that started at 6am and finished with unpacking the van at 7.30pm. I can hear the collective 'hurrumphs' and the muttered 'don't know you're borns' from wedding photographers, planners and stylists to whom this level of 'knackered' is a weekly occurrence.

The magnifiicent Fetcham Park


Saturday is a long day in the shop and Sunday is a precious lie-in day for retailers. So tiredness I was expecting. I wasn't expecting to add to this, though, the uncertainty of going to a new and unfamiliar place with a group of relative strangers carrying the burden of expectation to produce a set of photos and styling that not only satisfy the 'client' but create art, drama and emotion.

Eddie - I am so sorry about this photo - I am truly dire on both sides of the lens!

Penny - Tigerlily doing her thing - from ceramic bunny to mouse ears - just wait and see!!!

Jude from EFC, camera in hand as ever! An Emma Woodhouse snap of the lovely Jeni modelling Gracie from Suzanne Neville

Why, you may ask, did I do it? Miss Bush Bridalwear has been established nigh on 24 years, I have a stable of top labels and a client list that would score highly on the ABC1 chart of advertising and a few awards on the wall. Shouldn't I be playing a round of golf in some sports casuals on a Sunday?

Gemma rocking the What Katie Did faux retro lingerie and a Sasso jacket in a vintage car. Clearly someone soon will give me the party line on what make of car this is. Laura Caudrey's menfolk are a bunch of petrol-heads so soon you'll have the chassis number!

Possibly I could do this. I could be at least a season off the pace of bridal fashion and still make a living (you just know I want to name names here!!!)  and a decade out of the loop of social media. However that isn't the behaviour of an obsessive fashion fan and an all round, opinionated, attention seeker. You want to be making trends not following, expressing your difference and, to paraphrase the mighty Kat from Rock n Roll Bride, show that whilst you're in bridal you are not dishing out carbon copies and cookie cutter dresses.

I have got to thank Emma Woodhouse - aka The Wedding Reporter - for her judicious use of her iPhone in capturing the 'off camera' moments like this.

The link to Fetcham Park is the lovely Laura Caudrey - @mrscaudery on Twitter if you want to follow her. Laura approached me about a year ago when she was looking for her own wedding dress. I couldn't help her - massive twinge of regret here and the subject for future blogs - but it sowed the seeds of a business relationship. Miss Bush Bridalwear has been chosen by Laura (make that stalked actually ;)) as the fashion partner for Fetcham Park a brand new wedding venue launching on the 30th October. Again this is going to be a thrilling day of fashion fabulousness by which I need to have lost 1.5 stone. This time the doors will be thrown open to all to showcase the fantastic venue and Laura's handpicked group of treasured partners. This will be  far from a wedding fair as all the contributors are chosen for their genius (not me as I peddle other people's genius clearly) and their all round loveliness.

This is Chantelle - my 'age appropriate' model and Carolanne Armstrong MUA working the brushes. For the record age appropriate is my age - Chantelle is just much better looking with a to-die-for-figure that is ageless.

Amy, the Miss Bush megastar and natural, born stylist

This is Sharon from Wonderful Wedding Hair doing one of the 'extra' models I hadn't told her about.
Over the the next few weeks I will be featuring the team on my blog in more detail and some stunning photo shoots from yesterday. There will be the EFC shoot focusing on the house itself, the team and the 2102 Suzanne Neville collection and the Tigerlily shoot using Eddie Judd photography using the grounds of Fetcham Park for an editorial shoot of the new 2012 Jenny Packham collection. Annabel from LoveMyDress is going to swoon with delight!

Here today are a few snaps from the contributors iPhones & Blackberries to get you hooked - believe me I saw stars born yesterday... and not just that headdress, Penny,  which I WANT

Jenny Packham's Eve shot by Eddie Judd, styled by Tigerlily
New season Suzanne Neville styled  and shot by EFC
Jude from EFC, Carolanne on the brushes, and a 1926 Buick

Jeni and Gemma relaxing - jeez they're good looking. I am so in love with Gemma's star headdress it is untrue.

I am pleased to say I have so much material this could run and run. I am delighted to be able to have this platform to rave about the Fetcham foxes. If you are a Bride-to-Be needing a supplier or some inspiration keep an eye on this blog!

Thanks girls xxx


  1. LOVE this! Very proud of my Fetcham Foxes x x

  2. Oh my goodness what serene images...and the sun was shining for you how beautiful I cannot wait to see more!


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