Monday, 22 August 2011

The Next Big Thing...Bank Holiday Mods and Frockers

Take that frisson of excitement that builds to a crescendo in the weeks leading to  'Awards Season.'
Golden Globes, Oscars, Baftas - who's wearing who, who are the style leaders and who's going for an early bath...

...then add  the mild hysteria of the week before a wedding - ' I haven't seen the flowers'
 & 'will the dress fit properley after my next colonic and algae wrap?'...

 ...for good measure add the pressure of impressing the leading lights of the Bridal industry - designers, photographers, stylists, bloggers, stellar make up artists and celeb' florists...

whilst adding to the emotional Martini (shaken AND stirred) a brand new wedding venue... Fetcham Park

... then Readers you have the recipe for a magical and potent brew that should culminate in two glorious photo shoots.

Showcasing unseen gems from the Miss Bush 2012 collection, the Bank Holiday shoot will explore the treasures of Fetcham Park, and the collective skills of an impressive group of women. I am not deliberate in the choice of gender here - let's just say the one male model will be spoilt for choice!

Whilst I am a Novice, a Newbie, a Virgin (eyebrows down Ladies!) to the world of shoots I am hoping that the Miss Bush All-Stars will prevail and  inspirational images will be glittering and twinkling their way towards you as quick as I can beg the editing to be complete.

As impressive a list of contributors as any Bride could ask for will have you swooning like a teenage girl over hot vampire. I'm keeping the full list under my asymmetic headpiece for a few days longer - I'm still trying to secure one or two more pieces of  gorgeousness....

Fingers crossed for a fine day - for all my Brides and me!

1 comment:

  1. Hoorah Hoorah! Your excitement is palpable! I am excited too. And boy am I looking forward to experiencing Fetcham Park! ;))

    See you soon lady :)



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