Friday, 12 August 2011

Miss Bush Boutique Launch Part 5 Where I look like the B*****d Love Child of Kenneth Williams & Hattie Jaques

I promise you cameras are allergic to me. Seriously - you see them reaching for the epi-pen whenever I am near. No-one not Testino, not Alexandre, not blimmin anyone can take a good photo of me. I'd love to be able to 'turn it on' for the camera - I just can't. I'm always mid gag or apology and the boobs are just centre frame the whole time!
Now I have noticed that most Bloggers, that aren't expensive call girls, are quite prominent in their profiles. Not me - I need an Avavtar - a Betty Boop graphic - let me show you why....

Starting with a Y&YW party

Me, Russell Blackburn and Niermerko

This BEFORE the Love My Dress Soiree - Attractive huh?

Here's the killer photo - jeez I need media training. Issy, on the left is my PT!

Eyeing up cupcakes

Telling my best jokes to Peta Hunt and Miranda Eason

The lovely Jane Hampton from Suzanne Neville and me

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