Saturday, 6 August 2011

My Rosa Clara Crush

I have a kind of breathless, teen-style crush on Rosa Clara dresses and their sumptuous images of their achingly cool model who probably has never had a mint Magnum ever. Like the object of a teenage crush - usually a highly desirable, yet unsuitable boy  or an unattainable pop star - they can be as fickle & unloving in return. Frankly they hardly acknowledge my existence.

However their dresses are beautifully crafted in the finest fabrics with couture touches at every seam, hem and pleat. Their ability to transform a classic shape into a high fashion moment thrills me to the core.

They are annoyingly hard to pin down on dress loans but clients dresses arrive perfect and on time. Their dresses are actually made in Barcelona ( as opposed to Rosa Clara Two that are made in China) and as such can be delivered quickly.

So I continue to stock their dresses and bat my eyelashes in their general direction and hope one day they'll notice me. I share with you a peak of one that I have ordered...

B*R*O*C*A*D*E yup always loved it

This is called Antifaz - a curious choice of name but check out the detachable train - LOVE

Cute 60's style jacket

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