Thursday, 11 August 2011

Miss Bush Boutique Launch Part 4 The Chapel of Love

The title of this is making me laugh - I hope the genius, over worked seamstresses don't see it for a while! It is of course peak season for bridalwear and my lovely brides usually turn up for fittings a fair bit smaller then when they ordered the dress or even simply from the last time they tried it on!

The chapel in question is where they work tirelessly altering & customising dresses and creating all the extras that us a frustrated stylists demand. A sash here, some extra boning there. A few more crystals- often a few less!

Whilst I congratulate brides on their weight loss and  on their overall hotness and strength of will power the lovely Bush team of Janet, Annette, Elizabeth and Gen fix a rigid smile on their faces and whisk the dresses away to be readjusted. Again. Actually Gen - my Mum - something of an Edna Mode from The Incredibles -  is usually muttering to herself as she traipses back to the work room. Yet ask her to take it easy - well rather you than me!

Edna Mode!

Lots of arched windows

We don't usually have vases of water in the workroom!

Mood boards everywhere

The lovely Janet at the Launch Party

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