Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lynda & Blair in Jenny Packham & Ben Sherman

9th August 2011 - misery upon misery on the rolling news networks. London set ablaze by disenfranchised youth. Heart wrenching for Londoners and Brits alike. I love London - we all do. Some bits are less lovely than others  - but all of it has it's areas of genius, talent & culture.

Then 'ta-da' into my inbox pops these gems! The lovely Lynda and Blair photographed by the brilliant Chloe Browne from Caught the Light. Top that with London designer Jenny Packham and a suit called the Camden from Ben Sherman. What have you got?  Everything fantastic about the capital. Stylish, clever, well dressed, diverse - pretty damn gorgeous and happy. Fun to be around, fun to live with. If Lynda and Blair aren't a metaphor for all that's great about the capital I'm going to have  look a damn sight harder!
Jenny Packham 'Asteria'

Don't anyone EVER call this bling. It is a work of art!

I can't tell you how much I would love to wear this dress...

How beautiful is the draped silk crepe - redolent of vintage Halston (Not Halston Vintage btw)

Am just in love with this picture

Apologies if my Jenny Packham fanaticism has crept in here. I am biased  - excuse the terrible pun.

Lynda - so many thanks for sharing these pictures and for being blessed with the perfect figure for this dress. It's not for everyone  - but if you can why wouldn't you? *sigh*

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