Monday, 1 August 2011

Rubbing Shoulders with the Good and Glamorous

Love My Dress Summer Soiree

Back last Summer I started picking up feeds of Facebook from Love My Dress. I first saw the Blog as a 'Like' on my sister's wall and duly 'Liked' it to! This started an introduction to new media as fast and furious, as stylish and pacy as a daily Grazia overload.

As it may become apparent from my previous posts and future posts I have been involved in bridalwear for a long, long time. What I really love about the new media available shown to me by Love My Dress is I can channel a a fair chunk of knowledge and expertise with a topping of gossip and scrutiny straight to brides and associates in the trade that may find it useful, diverting and hopefully inspirational. I can have an ongoing dialogue with my past brides hope to attract new and future brides and open eyes to some cool dresses, fantastic photographers and inspiring stylists.

If Annabel's Love My Dress blog had been in any way half hearted, insincere or bland I would have wandered off and never found and seen some of the truly gifted artists and artisans working in niche wedding services. Who knew you could go to a Vintage Hen Weekend  - Tattybojangles ? Or have a Wedding journalist  - The Wedding Reporter write an account of your big day? No I didn't either - but now I do.
The blog has consistently shown beautiful real life weddings and has attracted absolutley first class sponsorship from  designers, photographers and stylists. I take my hat and just generally bow in the direction of Annabel and all the other wedding and style obsessives that have shown me my own business in a new light.

I am making the journey to the Love My Dress soiree on Wednesday and dragging  my lovely boyfriend with me. He is, in fact, a much bigger Vintage fan than me - so I am sure he'll love checking out everyones outfits more than me. I have never been to Newcastle -I am very much looking forward to the trip up North - although I think my outfit might be woefully inadequate. I hope this can be the start of some really positive new business friendships and more than a few new style crushes.

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