Friday, 26 August 2011

Laura Wanless in Suzanne Neville's Maiden - Classic and Iconic

There are some words that really annoy me in reality TV and tabloid journalism. The worst being 'journey.' It is overused and reductive but I really want to use it here to describe my first meeting with Laura to the culmination of receiving these sublime pictures. It has been a 'voyage'  - wedding dress shopping is always emotional but for some more than others - like Christmas it stirs emotions, reminiscences and occasionally a tear or too.

 Laura looked beautiful in the delicate chantilly lace of Maiden from the first moment she slipped into it. It is a delicate dress perfect for a willowy English rose. Through the months from ordering the dress, Laura's stresses gently ebbed and here she is the very epitome of a relaxed and beautiful bride.  The setting of the ancient and mystical St Martha's in the hills above Guildford is glorious and the sun shone despite dire predictions - as the saying goes 'somebody upstairs' was definitely looking out for her.

 In Laura's words
" the wedding was a big success and thank goodness, despite a really unsettled weather forecast, it turned out to be a hot and sunny day up at St. Martha's on the Hill, Chilworth. The dress was perfect and I can hardly describe just how many comments I had on it, even now, a week and a half on!"

Laura on the arm of Godfather Adrian Waddams

The gently rolling Surrey countryside

St Martha-on-the-Hill

The new Mr & Mrs Richard Davies
Laura - many thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures and being an all round fantastic Miss Bush bride. Best 'Bush' wishes to your Mother Patricia too.

Photography courtesy of Roger Brown

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